Pewter sheet is one of the most pleasing metals on which a handcrafter can give expression. It is an alloy of tin and lead. Combined in various proportions, pewter sheets are available in several qualities and thickness . It may also contain metals such as copper and bismuth. Pewter may therefore differ from supplier to supplier.

The importance of careful practise cannot be overstressed if you wish to create articles of appeal and beauty above average. The sheets are easily scratched and marked, therefore special care should be taken at ALL stages during handling and storage. Always store sheets wrapped in a protective covering and smaller pieces in a container.

Pewter and Copper Sheets

Pewter Sheets: 47 cm wide (0.17mm thick)

Copper Sheets: 36 cm wide

Available in 1/4m, 1/2 m or 1m length.

Any other lengths by prior arrangement.

Instruction Book
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Extra small Ball Tool No 3 (single end)

Used as a tracer tool as well as engraving background tectures

Double End Ball Tool No 5

Essential for especially low relief modelling of lines and dots

Double End Ball Tool No 8

Larger Balls for Bolder Designs

Double end Modeller / Scoop No 6

Scoop shaped tool used for impressing and redefenition of designs - One side more rounded than the other

Cutter (Single End) No 2

Very sharp needle like tool for cutting out smaller areas - too small to cut with scissors or crafters knife

Small Modeller/ Scoop (single end) No 2

Small scoop shape for more fine detailed designs

New range Teflon Point Tools

When using these tools you don't need a Lubricant

Teflon Point tool

When using this tool you don't need a Lubricant

Paper Pens

Also called torchons,. Rolled soft paper to flatten background of designs on pewter sheets without leaving scratches or marks. Three sizes available: 10mm, 20 mm and 30 mm.


BLACK Patina for Pewter

BLACK Patina is used as an oxidising agent to give pewter work an antique finish. A small quantity goes a long way. It is a blue liquid that turns pewter black when applied. Available in 50ml and 100ml.

NB Patina contains nitric acid and selenium compounds. It is poisonous and vapour is harmful. Always wear gloves and work in a well ventilated room!

Copper Patina for pewter

Can be used in combination with BLACK patina and gives a copper colour to pewter. Deep blue liquid that contains copper sulphate and mineral acid. HARMFUL when swallowed. 50ml and 100ml

Copper patina for Copper

Brown Liquid to use on Copper Sheets. This gives an antique look to copper work. Always wear gloves and work in a well ventilated room!

Pewter Varnish

Pewter Quick dry Varnish

Imported, easy to use sealer. Dries within minutes and a very thin layer is needed. 125 ml only


Bees Wax with resin crystals

Fillers are used to fill the embossed areas of your design to lend support and prevent it from collapsing. Beeswax, Exterior crack filler or Lite Fill can be used. Block of about 100grams available